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Wisdom teeth / oral surgery

Wisdom teeth / oral surgery

Wisdom teeth and oral surgery

Most of us need an oral surgery at least once in a lifetime, but even the name of this procedure scares some people. At Affordable Dentistry, you can make it safe and painless. We perform various kinds of surgeries on teeth and gums including wisdom tooth removal.

Conditions we treat

No one likes the idea of going through an oral surgery, but sometimes it can be essential to solve the problem and prevent a patient from further oral damage. Specialists of Affordable Dentistry deal with the following cases:

  1. Impacted wisdom teeth. If the third molar ruptures or misaligns, it can cause severe pain and inflammation between the jawbone and the gums – in such case we will perform from simple surgical to fully impacted wisdom teeth extraction;
  2. Tooth loss. Our dentists will either save your natural tooth or replace it with a dental implant;
  3. Periodontal gum surgery;
  4. Apicoectomy;
  5. Sinus lift and bone graft;
  6. Removal of torus;
  7. Frenectomy;
  8. Incision and drainage of abscess;
  9. Biopsy is performed to take a sample of oral tissue that looks suspicious.

These and many other conditions can be successfully treated at Affordable Dentistry. Having performed thousands of surgeries, we know how to solve your issue with minimal pain and discomfort.

Our advantages

Our Office proves that the dental services can be affordable. Our experienced and attentive dentists have rich experience and can perform the whole gamut of dental surgeries.

High-quality anesthesia and advanced methods make treatment safe and quick. The Dentistry is equipped with state-of- art surgical instruments that allow us to implement modern techniques and approaches.

Have an emergency case? Affordable Dentistry will be happy to assist you at any time of day and night (for more information please see Emergency Services on our web-site).

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