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You’re dissatisfied with teeth color, size or shape? Want to acquire a Hollywood smile? Modern dentistry makes it possible! We produce durable veneers and install those using best-of- breed techniques.

What is it?

A tooth veneer is a thin shell produced of ceramic or porcelain. It is made individually for every patient to match perfectly with adjacent teeth and fit the foundation. Veneers are typically put on the anterior teeth and used when:

  • teeth are severely stained;
  • there’s a serious break or damage of enamel;
  • you don’t like teeth shape or size;
  • the space between the anteriors is uneven, or they’re crooked.

Placement of veneers is beneficial from both health and visual standpoints, and is often recommended for patients who need a slight improvement of tooth shape.

How are veneers installed?

In order to acquire the new smile, you will need to visit our dentists twice. First, they will examine and make an impression of your teeth to create individual veneers in our lab. In a couple of weeks, they will be ready. If you have tooth or gum diseases, these conditions should be cured.

Next time you will have a portion of enamel removed for the veneer to lay perfectly and be in line with gum tissue. Temporary veneers are secured and kept in place with special glue, while permanent caps are cemented. If any adjustments are required, they will be made at this time. Recovery period is pretty short, and the results are instant, so you can start enjoying your shiny smile the same day!

Our veneers are made of durable stain-proof materials – there’s no need to miss out on a cup of coffee or solid foods. Taking essential dental care measures you will be able to save a healthy pretty smile for years. The dentist will provide you with guidelines and recommendations concerning recovery and care options.

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