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Root canal / endodontics

Root canal / endodontics

Root Canal Therapy

If you have tooth nerves seriously damaged or decayed, you need to go through root canal therapy. It allows saving the tooth and restoring its functionality. We perform root canal procedure with zero risks and maximal safety.

When is it required?

Root canal therapy is prescribed in the following cases:

  • the tooth pulp has been affected by decay;
  • development of infection or abscess inside the tooth or at its root;
  • injury of the tooth.

These conditions manifest into severe pain, sensitivity to cold and hot, swelling or tenderness of the gum, and pimples on the gums. If you experience at least one of these symptoms, don’t postpone your visit to a dentist!


Prior to the therapy, our patients go through visual examination and X-ray procedure. The diagnosis will show where the decay is located, and how far it has spread. Next time, a patient is administered local anesthesia to block pain and discomfort. The dentist makes an access opening at the top of the tooth and inserts root canal files to remove decayed pulp, nerves and bacteria. We also use top-notch dental instruments to perform the removal safely and accurately.

Total clearance of the space within the root chamber ceases spread of infection and decay. The next step implies sealing of the tooth with a permanent or temporary filling and installation of a crown (cap). Now the tooth is protected and its function is fully restored. Sensitivity and inflammation can last for several days after the treatment.


Don’t hesitate to undergo the procedure, if you have toothache and tooth sensitivity. Head off the problem before it takes effect! Root canal is the most advanced method of treatment that has the following benefits:

  1. After the treatment is completed, this procedure totally eliminates pain and sensitivity;
  2. This is a better option than total removal of a tooth as natural biting sensation is preserved;
  3. Teeth are protected from strain;
  4. Spread of infection is ceased.

Being skilled and experienced specialists at the top of their field our dentists perform root canal therapy at state-of- art level, so you can be sure in a high success rate and fast recovery.

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