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Invisalign & Clear Correct

Traditional metal braces are both expensive and hardly aesthetic. Affordable Dentistry offers patients a great alternative: Invisalign and Clear Correct aligners will gradually straighten your teeth without severe pain and discomfort caused by wires and brackets.

Invisible aligners are used to deal with a full spectrum of conditions, as long as it isn’t a severe case:

  • crowding of teeth;
  • crossbite;
  • underbite and overbite;
  • buck teeth.

Advantages of aligners

In comparison with traditional braces, aligners can be removed until the treatment is complete. They don’t hinder your ability to speak, eat and perform hygiene tasks – you can remove the device at any time you need.

Besides, aligners are customized for your jaws and cause minimal irritation and discomfort. No wires will trap food when eating. The aligners are hardly noticeable, so they won’t spoil your beautiful smile!

How do I get my aligners?

Our dentist will evaluate whether you are a good candidate for aligners and take photos, X-rays and make impressions to capture the shape of teeth and make a prescription. Aligners are produced in dental laboratory with the highest precision and are customized to press the teeth that you want to correct.

You will have to wear aligners about 22 hours a day and remove them only for eating and brushing teeth. Regular visits to dentist are required to check the progress. After orthodontic treatment, you may be prescribed a retainer to fix the achieved result.

Invisalign or Clear Correct?

In fact, both types of aligners are equally efficient for correcting teeth position and dealing with various dental problems (underbite, overbite, crooked teeth). Clear Correct have enhanced transparency and are minimally invasive. They are also resistant to getting cloudy after a while.

Invisalign construction has 20-30 aligners for upper and lower teeth, and usually treatment takes about a year. Clear Correct system offers a bit more moderate treatment that is divided into 8 phases with 32 steps. It may take up to 1 year depending on the alignment program. Clear Correct is more cheap solution comparing to Invisalign.

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