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Dental Implants

Missing teeth can make people avoid smiling and have lower self-esteem. It causes problems with speaking and eating, and the gums may easily get infected. We provide best-of- breed dental implants so that our patients could smile without restraint and improve dental health.

Dental implant is an artificial replacement of a natural tooth that performs its functions and mimics its look and texture. Placement of dental implants is highly recommended for people who have teeth removed because of an infection, serious decay of tissues, or a jaw injury. Implants are put on the place of a missing tooth and are fixed on the jawbone or in a metal construction in the bone that serves as a foundation. This technology appeared half a century ago, and recent medicine enhancements have powered us with methods and techniques allowing totally restoring tooth health. Implants that we use are produced of high-quality synthetic materials that don’t cause allergic reaction and look naturally.

Why opting for tooth implantation?

With contemporary medical advances, denture is no longer the best way out. Tooth implants are highly recommended due to the following facts:

  1. They totally replicate the look and function of natural teeth. You can restore healthy beautiful smile and get back to usual lifestyle.
  2. Implants allow chewing and biting without discomfort.
  3. The procedure helps to prevent decay of the jawbone.
  4. Synthetic structures tend not to develop infection or rupture.

How implantation is performed?

In order to make a perfectly fitting implant, our dentists examine patient’s mouth cavity and determine the problem. If you qualify for the procedure (have healthy gums and strong jawbone), the impression of your mouth will be made to create new teeth that match to the shape and size of the adjacent teeth and have natural suitable color. If there are any gum diseases or cavities, they should be treated first.

To fix an implant in the jawbone, our dentist installs a metal post under the gum line. It serves as a synthetic root system and secures the replaced tooth. No other procedure can replicate this level of durability – titanium and steel posts can perform their function for a lifetime. Once the metal root is ready, a new synthetic tooth will be fixed on it.

Although dental implants can’t decay or get cavities, they should be brushed and cared just like natural teeth! Regular examinations with dental cleanings are also essential.

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