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Dental Crowns

One of the best options to save your damaged tooth is a crown. In Affordable Dentistry, you will get high-quality dental care with minimal expenses.

When dental crown is needed?

Tooth-shaped “caps” or crowns are used to restore shape, size, function and appearance of tooth. This technique allows encasing the entire visible part of the tooth lying above gums. Dental crowns are fixed to protect teeth from decay or damage (wearing, cracking), to support a tooth with a big filling or hold a bridge in place.

Types of dental crowns

Affordable Dentistry offers different materials for crowns based on tooth condition, allergic reactions and budget. The following types of crowns are available:

  1. Stainless steel crown is a temporary measure while a permanent crown is being fabricated. Being a cost-effective measure, it protects tooth decay in adults and children;
  2. Metal alloys with platinum or gold are highly durable and resistant to biting and chewing. This is a great choice for molars out of sight;
  3. Unlike metal crowns, dental crowns made of porcelain with metal match natural tooth colors. They are recommended to protect front and back teeth, but bridges are required for better strength. The metal part can become visible, if gum line resides;
  4. Resin dental crown is the low-cost solution, but it’s less resistant to wearing and fractures;
  5. Purely ceramic dental crowns are the most popular among people. Since porcelain material matches natural enamel color, these crowns may be used for both front and back teeth.

Dentists in Affordable Dentistry do their best to produce high-quality crowns perfectly matching tooth shape, color and size. Don’t postpone your visit to a dentist – we provide comprehensive treatment at truly affordable services.

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