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Dental Bridges

Created to replace one or more missing tooth, dental bridges serve as an affordable and safe alternative to tooth implants. A dental bridge fills the gap formed by missing teeth.

Why making a bridge?

Dental bridge is a great option from both aesthetic and functional standpoints. Artificial teeth help to restore healthy smile and the ability to speak and chew. Besides, a bridge supports normal facial structure and prevents damage and shifting of adjacent healthy teeth.

Choosing the type of dental bridge

Depending on the position of the lost tooth and quality of tooth enamel, you can be offered the following options:

  1. Traditional dental bridges consist of one or more artificial teeth and two crowns that support it and fix between healthy teeth.
  2. Implant supported bridges are usually installed when more than one tooth is missed. This procedure needs several months to be completed: first, an implant will be installed, then the bridge.

Affordable Dentistry uses porcelain, high-quality alloys, gold and combination of materials for producing artificial teeth for dental bridges.

How the procedure is performed?

During your first visit, our dentist will prepare teeth: remove a portion of enamel and take impressions. Then the teeth impressions will serve as a model to make a bridge in a dental lab. A temporary bridge will protect the exposed teeth and gums.

During your second visit, you will have a temporary bridge removed and a new porcelain or metal construction installed and adjusted. Several visits are required depending on your case. Fixed dental bridges are cemented permanently in place.

Dentists in Affordable Dentistry use advanced methods of dental bridge installation and high- quality materials that do not cause rejection and allergic reactions. We will help you to restore healthy smile without pain and risks.

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