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About Affordable Dentistry

Want to find a place to get a consistent level of dental care, but afraid that the services will take a bite out of your wallet? Discover a budget-friendly solution. Affordable Dentistry totally justifies its name: we offer the full spectrum of dental services for reasonable prices.

We install implants, bridges, crowns, veneers and braces, perform dental and oral surgeries, remove wisdom teeth and provide oral hygiene. No matter what kind of dental service you need, our team will do the best treatments safely and efficiently.

What makes us special?

Our key advantages:
  • You can call us 24/7: our assistants are always ready to answer your questions and give recommendations;
  • Emergency service is available around the clock, and we can deal with emergency cases even if they are not covered by your insurance(comes at extra cost);
  • Walk-in service is provided during the business hours, so you can get dental help without previous appointment;
  • We use state-of- art equipment and devices for precise diagnosis and safe, efficient treatment;
  • Attentive and responsible personnel: our skilled and talented specialists are ready to deal even with the most complicated cases.

The last but not the least is the prices: Affordable Dentistry proves that dental service is not luxury – this is essentials of health care that won’t hurt your budget.

Our team

Years of experience and dedication to devotion have made our dentists top-class specialists.

We take pride in our team:
  1. Dr. Rosa Soler helps patients of all ages and deals with various services starting from routine exams and X-rays and finishing by bridges and emergency dental care.
  2. Dr. Eric Schuetz focuses on full mouth surgical rehabilitation and reconstruction and has performed more than 40,000 surgeries.
  3. Dr. Agueda Perez-Diaz helps patients to acquire beautiful smile and preserve health of teeth. Fluent at both Spanish and English, she provides outstanding dental service while making patients feel comfortable.
  4. Dr. Sergio Jacas ensures comprehensive dental care for adults and kids and is an active member of the American Dental Association.

Getting help of our best-of- breed dentists you can be sure that your dental health is in safe hands. Affordable Dentistry provides the whole gamut of high-quality dental services that your family truly can afford!

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$200 Tooth Extraction.

$200 Tooth Extraction. Tuesdays only!

$1,599 Root Canal + Crown.

$1,599 Root Canal + Crown. In July only!

No insurance?

No insurance? No problem! $59,99 Exam + X-Ray + Cleaning (D1110).


FREE Exam + 2 X-Rays. Limited time only!

FREE Invisalign

FREE Invisalign & Implant Consultation

$1,999 Implant + Abutment + Crown.

$1,999 Implant + Abutment + Crown. In July only!